Go on up to 14 Quests—rated Easy, Medium, Hard, and "Ultimate"—that take you all over Disneyland!

Clues lead you to specific places...

If your iPhone's GPS says you're in the right spot, you find a Wishing Star!

Watch the demo movie to see more!

Known Issues

  • When switching from flat-rate pricing to a pay-as-you-go pricing (the current model), some users found that they were asked to pay again for Quests they'd already purchased. That isn't supposed to happen! If it happens to you, just click on the tech support email below and I'll work to get you a refund. Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • All Wishing Star fragments are hidden in Disneyland Park. Not in Disney's California Adventure, not in Downtown Disney, not in the hotels.
  • Unless you're told otherwise, all Wishing Star fragments are hidden outside, not inside.
  • If you think you're standing in the right spot, but the game isn't giving you a Wishing Star fragment, try again. And again. Sometimes the GPS takes a little while to figure out where you're located. If you've tried three times and it hasn't awarded a Wishing Star fragment, there's a good chance you're standing in the wrong spot.
  • If you're ever stumped on an Easy Quest, you can find out where the Wishing Star fragments are hidden by clicking on the "Help" (Question Mark) icon in the upper right corner, then clicking on "Show Me a Map...". NOTE: You can only view the map on Easy Quests.


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