Wishing Stars takes you on an exciting adventure!

Text clues can ask you about places and things in Disneyland history!


"If you don't own an iPhone, then borrow one... yep, this app is that much fun."

—Ian Hamilton
Orange County Register
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The Orange County Register video review:

"...absolutely a must-have iPhone app for all Disneyland fans, casual or hard-core. The game is thoughtful, well-rounded, and most of all, fun."

—Rick West
Theme Park Adventure Magazine
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"A Disney-quality experience. It's quite wonderful, from the sparkly sound effects when you find a star, to the beautiful interface and graphics, to the fun and diverse quests. It kind of makes you wonder why Disney didn't do something like this themselves..."

—David Cobb
Theme park attraction designer
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"I can't tell you how much fun I had playing with the app... an absolute blast!"

—Sam Lundquist
Theme park attraction designer

"A great game to play in the park. It's a witty treasure hunt that's fun, entertaining, and draws attention to the extra details that makes the park 'Disney.'"

—Rebecca Breiland
Co-host of the Mousetalgia podcast

"The idea of going on a scavenger hunt in a theme park is genius... those planning a trip to Disneyland should add Wishing Stars to the checklist of items to pack."

—Keri Honea
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"My kids [ages 7 and 9] had a blast running around finding the star pieces."

—via Twitter

I've been going to Disneyland for 30 years [but some of the things I discovered during the game] still surprised me. Excellent.

—via email

A highlight of the trip was using the Wishing Stars iPhone app in the park. Most of it is pretty simple, though some of the arcane history in the harder levels proved difficult. Overall, it was a blast and a fun diversion when standing in a line or walking around the same part of the park for the third time that day.

—Matt Haughey
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"Wishing Stars is amazing omg so much fun a must have iPhone app! Can't wait to play with my friends I love this game !!!"

—via Twitter