Photo clues challenge you to find a special spot in the park...

...while text clues might ask you a question about Disneyland history!


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White Paper

Download the Wishing Stars White Paper, detailing the creation of the game.


Download high-quality screenshots of Wishing Stars in action! (ZIP archive, 5.7 MB)

Audio Interview


Greg Maletic is the founder of San Francisco-based The Future of Pinball, LLC, a design firm specializing in creative applications of technology, and the creator of Wishing Stars, the first in a line of location-aware game applications. Prior to developing Wishing Stars, Maletic performed creative design services for high-profile clients in the theme park industry. He is also a veteran of the high-tech industry as CTO and co-founder of Java tools vendor Zero G Software, VP of Product Design at Bunchball, a social gaming design firm, and is a former Product Marketing Manager at Apple Computer. Maletic is also the creator of TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball, a documentary about the closure of the world's largest pinball manufacturer, available on DVD, iTunes, and Netflix.