14 Quests are built-in to the game, at 4 different skill levels...with more to come!

Some of the Quests take place in the waiting lines for attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wishing Stars produced by The Disney Company?

No. The Walt Disney Company has no affiliation with Wishing Stars. It's simply a treasure hunt game produced by a big Disney fan!

What is the game like?

A game is divided into Quests. Many of the Quests are like scavenger hunts, with photos or text that lead you from clue to clue.

Some Quests take place in specific areas of Disneyland, like Fantasyland or Toontown. Some take place in the "queues" (waiting lines) for attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean or Haunted Mansion, so you have something to keep you occupied while waiting. Other Quests span the entire park.

As you solve each clue, you'll earn a fragment of a Wishing Star. Get to the end of a Quest and you'll have enough fragments to piece together an entire Wishing Star! When you get a Wishing Star, it will be saved in your collection; when you find all of the Wishing Stars, you've won!

How does the game work?

Inside of your iPhone is a GPS device that can figure out precisely where you are in the world. A Wishing Stars game is comprised of clues, each of which has a secret coordinate associated with it. Each time you try to solve a clue, Wishing Stars compares your current location with the secret location stored in the device. If they match, the clue is solved! (If not, you'll have to keep looking...or ask for an easier clue.)

Can my kids play it?

Yes. If you believe your kids are old enough to walk around the park alone with an iPhone, then it'll be a great way for them to explore the park by themselves or with their friends. If your kids are too young to travel around the park by themselves, you can play together as a family!

What age groups is Wishing Stars for?

Kids 8 and up—as well as adults of any age—should find Wishing Stars a fun experience. The game lets you play Quests at Easy, Medium, and Hard skill levels...you should be able to find something suitable for you and the rest of your party.

Is Wishing Stars free?

Wishing Stars can be downloaded from the App Store for free, and includes 2 free Quests (one "easy" difficulty, one "medium.") Additional Quest Books of 4 Quests each, at Easy, Medium, and Hard skill levels, can be purchase for $1.99 each.

I want to spend my time at Disneyland riding the rides, not playing a game!

Understood. Many of the Quests are intended to be played casually as you wander around the park. (Some are even designed to be played while you're waiting in line!)

In any case, you only have to play as much as you want. The game is designed to be an adjunct to your day, not how you spend your day. (Unless you want it to be, of course. There are lots of Quests to go on, and you can easily spend a day or more at Disneyland just playing Wishing Stars if you so desire.)

How long does it take to play?

The game is broken up into Quests at three different skill levels. Some Easy or Medium Quests can be done in a few minutes; some Hard Quests may take a few hours. In all cases, you can play as much or as little as you like, and take as long as you want.

Does it work at Disney World, or any of the other Disney resorts?

Not yet. Look for a Disney World version in the near future; to be automatically notified, follow wishing_stars on Twitter!

Is it multi-player?

Yes, it can be:

  • Multiple people (say, a couple, or a family) can use one iPhone and work together to solve the puzzles. In fact, this is encouraged... it's a lot of fun to play together!
  • If your party has multiple iPhones and a copy of Wishing Stars on each iPhone, groups can compete against each other to see who can complete Quests the fastest. (The game doesn't currently offer functionality to coordinate this, but it can certainly be done informally by groups wanting to play this way.)

Are there any privacy issues associated with the game?

Wishing Stars gathers information about which questions you solve and which ones you don't, as a guide to making the game more fun to play in the future. But it doesn't gather any personal information, nor can any of the information that is tracked be traced to you personally.

What do I do if I can't solve a clue and get "stuck?"

You're allowed to go on multiple Quests at once, so if you get stuck on one Quest, you can always work on another one. Beyond that, Wishing Stars offers a few different ways to get help:

  • On "Easy" Quests, parents (or anyone, for that matter) can view a map showing where each of the Wishing Star fragments are hidden. It's no fun for kids if they can't solve the clues...this makes it easier for parents to help them!
  • You can submit a tech support e-mail by clicking on the "Help" button in the app. (Note that there's just one person behind this whole endeavor, so I'll try to respond as quickly as possible! You also have the option of leaving a call-back number.)
  • You can call our support line to get help by clicking on the "Phone Help" button in the app.

What happens when the game is over?

There will be updates to Wishing Stars in the coming months that will take you on new adventures. There may be a small charge associated with purchasing this additional content.

Can I re-play Wishing Stars? Or let someone else play my copy of Wishing Stars that I already started?

Of course. You can always replay any of the Quests—or the entire game—by accessing the "Restart" feature located in the game's Help screens.

Does this game include California Adventure, or any other locations at the Disneyland Resort?

No, but future versions of the game will. There may be a small charge associated with purchasing this additional content.

Is there a version of the game for Android or Blackberry?

No. And though the situation might change, there are no current plans for supporting any other device besides the iPhone (and possibly the iPod Touch.)

I live outside the U.S. and am visiting Disneyland. Do I need to use my international data plan in order to play Wishing Stars?

No. Wishing Stars does not utilize an Internet connection for anything except sending a bit of tracking data (see "privacy" question above), but if no data connection is present, the data will be stored for later transmittal. (I'm unable to test this fully, so if anyone discovers any issues with playing Wishing Stars on an international iPhone, please contact me at the address below!)

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