Go on up to 14 Quests—Easy, Medium, Hard, and "Ultimate"—that take you
all over Disneyland!

Clues lead you to specific places...

If your iPhone's GPS says you're in the right spot, you find a Wishing Star!

Watch the demo movie to see more!

Put Wishing Stars on your iPhone!

Wishing Stars can be downloaded for free, and comes with two free Quests. For more fun, additional Quests can be purchased in the game at $1.99 per 4 Quests. (Quests vary in length, and represent anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more of play.)

Click here to get your very own copy!

Keep in mind...

  1. Wishing Stars is neither produced nor endorsed by The Walt Disney Company. It's simply a game produced by a fan. If you have problems with the game, don't bother Disney, talk to me!
  2. Because Wishing Stars uses GPS, you need an iPhone 3G, 3GS, or 4. The original iPhone 2G or any model of iPod Touch will not work.
  3. As Wishing Stars is based off the GPS coordinates of landmarks at Disneyland, the game will only work at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. You can buy the game ahead of time and explore the basics of the user interface, but you will not be able to solve clues and advance in the game until you physically arrive at Disneyland.
  4. Note that the game does not work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. (There will be a edition of Wishing Stars released that will take place at that resort! Follow Wishing Stars on Twitter to be notified!)

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