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Going Free. Kinda.

March 18, 2010

That's right, after a long stint at $5.99, and a brief one at $4.99, Wishing Stars is now free!

Well, sort of.

You can download the game for free, and you'll get two Quests for free. Additional Quests can be purchased as-desired, in individual Quest Books. (Don't worry...if you were a pre-2.0 user, you won't have to pay again for the content you already owned.)

Why do this? A couple of reasons:

  1. People can try before they buy.
  2. People only have to buy the content they're interested in. ("Hard" too hard for you? Then you don't need to buy it.)
  3. More downloads means more visibility; Wishing Stars is now #28 in the App Store's Travel section!

There's also one more benefit, yet unrealized, but just as exciting: in-app purchase gives me a venue for delivering more and more content to the game, so you'll never run out of Wishing Stars to search for!

All in all, I think this will be an amazing step forward for Wishing Stars; a way to reach even more people with an even better game.

Thanks for everyone's support, and happy Star-hunting!

Thanks for a great start...

January 6, 2010

To Wishing Stars fans and friends,

Wishing Stars has been out for just over four months now, and I want to thank everyone for their amazing support. Making Wishing Stars has been one of the most fun and exciting experiences of my life: I got to build an attraction at Disneyland, without even working for Disney. (Not to mention I could do it exactly how I wanted, no executive looking over my shoulder, pestering me to insert more Jonas Brothers content.)

I know I promised a Walt Disney World version in Fall of 2009; the observant among you may have noticed that it's still not out yet. Why the delay? Well, I took on a full-time job on November 2, and not surprisingly, that's taken up a huge amount of the time I'd planned on putting into Wishing Stars. (Hey, the bills have to be paid, and sadly, Wishing Stars doesn't do that—not yet, at least.)

So, when will the Disney World version be out? I'm not going to commit to any dates, but I will say that I'd love to have it out before Spring. I have one big project wrapping up in a week or two, another in early February (for a company you guys are very familiar with), and with those out of the way, Wishing Stars will once again be on the docket.

But there's more coming than just the Disney World version of the game...oh, yes indeed. I've got a new kind of Quest in the works that I think will be amazingly fun. Plus, several new ways to make the game more "social"...more on that in the near future.

When I started Wishing Stars in April, my hope was that by using the amazing stuff built into the iPhone, it would be possible to make a game that felt like absolute, indescribable magic. With your help, it seems like we made some promising first steps in 2009. And there's so much more to do; I'm looking forward to a spectacular 2010.

Thanks again for your support,