Go on up to 15 Quests—rated Easy, Medium, and Hard—that take you all over Disneyland! Watch a demo!

Clues lead you to specific places...

If your iPhone's GPS says you're in the right spot, you find a Wishing Star!

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A brand new concept in gaming for visitors to Disney theme parks!

A Special Note to fans of Wishing Stars:

I'm sorry to say that I've taken Wishing Stars out of the App Store. With all my other commitments, I haven't had time to keep the game working...and it does take a lot of effort, with both iOS and Disneyland itself changing constantly!

I'd love to pick it up again at some point, so please follow Wishing Stars on Facebook and/or Twitter. In the meantime...continue to have amazing times at Disneyland!

Thanks so much for your support,

Greg Maletic

About the game

Wishing Stars™ is an iPhone-powered game you play at Disneyland (and coming soon, Walt Disney World, too.) Think "scavenger hunt." It's a real-life adventure that unfolds as you find clues, solve puzzles, and explore the furthest reaches of the park... maybe even some places that you didn't know existed!

"If you don't own an iPhone, then borrow one... yep, this app is that much fun. Wishing Stars is a must-have app if you're visiting Disneyland."

—Ian Hamilton
Orange County Register
Link to video review...

The hidden "Wishing Stars" are recorded as secret GPS coordinates that your iPhone will uncover during your search. Clues lead to more clues, which lead to discovery of the Wishing Stars. Along the way, you'll unlock more Quests that will test your knowledge of Disneyland to its limit!

But Wishing Stars isn't just about running around the parks: some of the Quests take place in the queues (waiting lines) at the parks' most popular attractions, so you can spend your time looking for clues in the attraction environment. Bored while waiting in line for The Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean? Wishing Stars gives you a fun way to pass the time!

Wishing Stars is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company in any way. It's simply a game built by someone who loves the Disney parks and is looking for new ways to enjoy them.

Click here to watch a demo of Wishing Stars!

"Wishing Stars" is a trademark of The Future of Pinball, LLC.

"A Disney-quality experience...
it kind of makes you wonder why Disney didn't do something like this themselves."

—David Cobb
Theme park attraction designer

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